# Coshape CLI Tool

A toolkit to create web based 3D designs, convert and visualize CAD data and access the coshape CAD web services for Maker projects. Checkout coshape.io (opens new window) to get an idea how it will look like.

# Features

  • create customizable 3D modeling frontends
  • define assemblies of parametrized 3D models in YAML (opens new window) based project file
  • integrated SCAD, STL and SVG for 3D printers and Laser cutters
  • create and manage customizable projects
  • live server and static build

# Installation

$ npm install coshape -g

# Quick Start

Create a new project

$ coshape new my-awesome-project
$ cd my-awesome-project

test your projects in a live server

$ coshape run

Generate static files

$ coshape build


# License