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Generative design tools for custom manufacturing foo

Generative Design

Build dynamically generated product configurators with 2D and 3D visualization. It is also possible to build domain specific design tools that go beyond the concepts of product configurators.

Quote & Calculation

Quotes can be calculated instantly based on the dynamically generated CAD model and expressions allow for further refinement.

Web based

Customizers run in any WebGL enabled Webbrowser and perform CAD data calculations on client side. Our cloud service allows for server side CAD data generation and eCommerce integration. Contact Support for more information!


# Getting Started

This is the Coshape toolkit to create web based 3D design customizers.

# Installation

The toolkit requires node.js

$ npm install coshape -g

# Quick Start

Create a new project

$ coshape new my-awesome-project
$ cd my-awesome-project

test your projects in a live server

$ coshape run

Generate static files

$ coshape build

See the live version.

# Further reading

More information on the customizer toolkit can be found in the Toolkit section.

To get started developing customizers we suggest going through the Tutorial.

Have fun!

# Addendum

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