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Assembly Tip

Read all istructions before work on your model. Make sure you have all parts and supplies. Test-fit all parts together before applying any glue. If any parts don't fit properly, sand as required for precision assembly.

Step 1

Produce the [engine_mount] with the [3d_printer]

Step 2

Produce the [fin_unit] with the [3d_printer]

Step 3

Cut the [body_tube] into correct length.

Step 4

Produce the [nose_cone] with the [3d_printer]

Step 5

Slide [engine_mount] from Step [1] fully into [fin_unit] from Step [2] from rear. The engine hook on [engine_mount] will fit into slot in [fin_unit].

Step 6

Apply [plastic_cement] aroud [engine_mount] just ahead of [fin_unit] as shown.

Step 7

Lightly draw a straight line along entire length of the [body_tube] with a [pencil] and help of a [door_frame]

Step 8

Apply [plastic_cement] to inside of one end of [body_tube] about 5mm from end. Align the line on [body_tube] with the engine hook. In one continouse motion, push the [body_tube] over adapter part of [fin_unit] and all the way down to the fins as shown.

Step 9

Cut [launch_lug] into correct length and glue it to [body_tube] 50mm from front of [fin_unit]. Sight along [body_tube] to be sure [launch_lug] is straight with body. After [plastic_cement] is dry, erase [pencil] line from step [7] still showing on [body_tube].

Step 10

Cut the [shock_cord] into correct length. Cut the [shock_cord_mount] with [scissors] from [paper]. Crease on dotted lines by folding. Spread [white_glue] on section 2 and lay end of [shock_cord] into [white_glue] at a slight diagonal as shown. Fold section 1 forward. Apply [white_glue] to section 3. Fold forward again. Clamp firmly with your fingers until [white_glue] sets.

Step 11

Apply [white_glue] to [shock_cord_mount]. With the [shock_cord_mount] positioned on the end of your finger or a pencil, gently position the [shock_cord_mount] into the front of [body_tube] far enough form the front edge of the [body_tube] to allow the [nose_cone] to fit into place (38mm). Press [shock_cord_mount] into position. Smear a film of [white_glue] over the mount and surrounding area in the body to insure a good bond and a smooth surface.

Step 12

Run a [hobby_knife] around the inside of the [nose_cone] to make surface smooth.

Step 13

Cut the [parachute] on edge lines. Cut three 584mm lengths of [shroud_line]. Form small loop with [shroud_line] ends and connect with [parachute] as shown.

Step 14

Pass [shroud_line] loops through eyelet on [nose_cone]. Pass [parachute] through loop ends and pull lines against [nose_cone]. Tie free end of [shock_cord] to [nose_cone] eyelet with double knot.

Finishing your rocket

Use paint or air brush to finsh your rocket. Have fun!